Monday, May 11, 2009

Speak the Language

Baby talk. Babbling. Nonsense. Call it what you may. It remains communication. Recently, friends and relatives of ours have brought children into their worlds, inspiring this post on the adopted vocabulary words of new parents.

Yummies - Any food item, be it snack, meal, or otherwise.

Piggies - Toes. Most children include ten of them. Great for washing, tickling, toe-nail polish-ing, and other variations of silliness.

Noggin / Coco / Cabeza - Head.

Butt Wipe - Commercially sold as baby wipes. This term is as functional as it is direct.

Marbles / Presents - Pooh. Poop. You name it, you will deal with a lot of this shit (especially in the diaper years).

Potty - Bathroom or toilet.

Swimmies - Inflatable life preservers worn on the upper arms of a child.

Nite-nite - bed time, nap time, or other sleeping time.

Ride - Transportation (such as a car).

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